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ChatGPT – next-generation artificial intelligence

ChatGPT is one of the newest chatbots, which was the first multitasking variant of AI that can be used by anyone. The big advantage of ChatGPT Bot was its intuitive controls, as well as a considerable amount of functionality.

It’s worth to break down the features of ChatGPT in a little more detail so that potential users understand what they are getting after registering, and how this bot is different from many other offers.

ChatGPT – what is it?

ChatGPT - what is it

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence, a multitasking chatbot, which has been developed over a long period of time and is currently one of the most advanced options presented to ordinary users.

A distinctive feature of artificial intelligence is that it can perform tasks from different areas, find answers to the most complex questions, compose poems and even write songs, and so on. And all of these features are presented in one place, and they can be used by everyone when the need arises.

History of Creation

History of Creation OpenAI

ChatGPT was developed by Open AI using the Azure AI supercomputer. It used the GPT-3.5 language model from OpenAI.

ChatGPT was trained with large texts taken from open sources, and the knowledge was reinforced by communicating with real people. Subsequently it was also carried out the correction of various errors, which occurred in the process of obtaining answers, thereby improving the quality of the artificial intelligence.

A primary goal was to develop an application which would be the most comfortable to use, and at the same time is able to handle practically all requests from the user without the use of third-party systems. As a result, it took a lot of time and money to develop and improve ChatGPT, but it was worth it.

As many analysts have noted, ChatGPT differs significantly from other variants of artificial intelligence in multitasking and speed of processing requests from different areas. At the same time, the network can independently generate some of the code, carry out the writing of SEO-articles, to provide detailed answers to any questions and so on. And in case the answer will be incorrect – it can be changed through leading questions.

What kind of development is planned?

chat gpt for coding

Of course, ChatGPT bot will evolve, and the developers at OpenAI are talking about it. System needs to be improved by updating the database, and it is also planned to make ChatGPTbot as an application system that can be comfortably used in programming to implement in various sites and applications.

There is also a possibility that in the future a version will be developed that can be used on mobile devices. Developers have not announced it, but many variants of artificial intelligence are adapted for use on mobile devices with different operating systems, and ChatGPT is unlikely to be an exception.

ChatGPT registration – step-by-step guide

In order to fully enjoy all opportunities of Artificial Intelligence, you’ll need to spend some time passing registration. Without it the bot will not work.

Account Signing up for ChatGPT

Login ChatGPT

Signing up for ChatGPT can be done from any phone number, for this you will need to perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. Go to the official site of OpenAI project for registration
  2. Go to the sign up section – open an appropriate window
  3. Specify personal user data: phone number and e-mail
  4. Wait for the code in the SMS on the specified phone number
  5. Enter the code in the appropriate box on the page
  6. Wait until the verification is completed and registration is made on the page

After the account is created – you can fully use ChatGPT bot, without any restrictions.

After registration you may be required to pay a subscription fee which is $20.

Signing in to ChatGPT bot through the official site OpenAI

It’s important to log in only using the official site or application of ChatBot, because otherwise not only will not be presented the opportunity to use the bot, but there is a risk of personal data falling into the hands of fraudsters. Before starting registration in ChatGPT bot, make sure the page is official.

ChatGPT how to use?

How to use ChatGPT

There are some peculiarities in using ChatGPT which a potential user should know before starting to use artificial intelligence in order to increase the comfort of such interaction and to get a satisfactory response to all requests.

How do I use ChatGPT in a browser?

how to talk to gpt 3

There are some limitations in using ChatGPT which are worth looking out for before you start using it:

  • ChatGPT bot 3 can provide users with not only correct answers, but also nonsensical answers that are completely irrelevant to the topic. Some of them may sound plausible, they may be detailed and nicely worded, but they will have nothing to do with the truth. As a consequence, the administration was prohibited from posting bot answers
  • ChatGPT bot reacts to any changes in the request, and therefore, there is a chance that you will have to pick up the correct wording to get a satisfactory answer to the question. Otherwise, the system will simply declare that it doesn’t know the answer to the question
  • The model has a huge number of databases, so there is frequent use of the same phrases. In some cases it is imperceptible, but in some queries, the repetition may be so frequent that the user will simply lose the essence of the narrative
  • If the user forms an inaccurate question – ChatGPT will just think of the meaning for him, without asking any clarifying questions. This can also affect the quality and consistency of the result
  • ChatGPT does not automatically or regularly update databases, so there is very little information about the world in recent years.


ChatGPT Example - 1

ChatGPT Example - 2

ChatGPT Example - 3

ChatGPT Example - 4

Using ChatGPT bot in app

At the moment, ChatGPT bot from OpenAI has no official application for mobile devices (iPhone, Android), so you can use the capabilities of artificial intelligence only through a browser or application for PC and laptop on Windows 10, 11.

It’s important: you can use ChatGPT bot only on a personal computer, there is no official application for mobile devices yet.

There is a chance that in future updates ChatGPT will be presented in the form of a comfortably designed application, which can be used on both personal computers and mobile devices. However, to date, such an opportunity is not provided to users.

ChatGPT official website

ChatGPT official website

Official page to sign up for access to the original version of the ChatGPT bot is:

It is worth using only the original web page, because only it is safe and proves to be the most comfortable to use. In the case of visiting other sites that offer to register and start using ChatGPT – no one guarantees complete safety and privacy of the data to the user.

Download ChatGPT for free

GhatGPT download

ChatGPT is not an application, but a platform on the network that can be fully used on any personal computer. At the same time, it is possible to download the application on a PC (except for mobile devices) through a third-party service Github.

Moreover, for mobile devices to date there is no separate version of the ChatGPT bot, which can be fully used. In this case, ChatGPT bot is free in most countries, so you can not worry about the availability of the program to the public.

You can download ChatGPT on this page

ChatGPT reviews

In overall reviews about the work of ChatGPT artificial intelligence are quite positive, because the system efficiently processes different requests and has a considerable amount of features. In this case ChatGPT is comfortable to use and easy to register, which is also noted by many users.

It should be noted that among the positive reviews there are some negative ones, most of which are associated with the inability to fully use the bot on mobile devices.

Some users note that in order to get a satisfactory answer, it is required to change the request several times, so that the system still understands what the user needs and provides a complete response.

Otherwise, there are no complaints to ChatGPT. It should be remembered that the bot as of today is still under development and improvement, so there is a possibility that soon all the shortcomings will be corrected and it is this version of the artificial intelligence will be most in demand in society.

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