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ChatGPT alternatives ChatGPT

ChatGPT alternatives

ChatGPT alternatives 2023

Popularity of ChatGPT led to the development of this direction. Many companies have already developed or are in the process of developing their equivalents.

Many ChatGPT alternatives have already passed the preparatory stage of work, passed tests and are successfully functioning. Neural networks can already create fiction or informational texts, perform machine translation, or even give advice. In addition, many models are designed to lead a dialogue. Many users note that the system has meaningful conversations and gives really useful advice.

Naturally, such neural networks have only just begun to function, so we should expect the development of the models’ functionality and abilities in the near future.

What is ChatGPT by OpenAI?


ChatGPT is a service that can generate texts, answer questions, write program codes and much more. The service was developed by OpenAl for creating different content, including texts, music and videos. Users appreciated the ability to use artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT is able to generate different types of texts, including poems. Users can ask a question on a topic of interest or ask for advice. You can write your own question into the chatbot, and the system will select the most appropriate suggestion. It can write program code by the given parameters or find errors in it.

Benefits of ChatGPT neural network

After the release of ChatGPT, many have questioned whether a neural network can take the standard search engines out of the game. Some of the main advantages of the model include:

  • Artificial intelligence is at the core of the neural network, so it is able to perform a variety of types of tasks. Google or Yandex are just search engines, while the neural network has many functions.
  • Neural network gives an opportunity to write SEO-articles or form ready answers for support service, so it can automate company’s activity with its help.
  • The system gives an opportunity to earn, because it is able not only to give out ideas, but to create Webview-application codes.
  • The system contains a large amount of text data, so the chat-bot is able to produce high-level texts.
  • ChatGPT is able to generate relevant responses. The neural network has a large number of parameters, and after analyzing all the necessary characteristics, the system gives an answer to the question. The topics can be varied. The system gives only logical answers taking into account all the data.

Disadvantages of ChatGPT neural network

But like any system, ChatGPT has its disadvantages:

  • One of the biggest disadvantages is that the system cannot respond to tasks and questions that are outside its learning scope. Developers regularly augment the neural network to expand the range of topics and tasks.
  • The neural network cannot give out information in real time. The system works only with data that has already been incorporated into it. Developers have to update the data regularly, but they can’t always keep up with the task.
  • In addition, the system cannot perform the task if there are some ambiguities in the speech. Despite all the advantages, the model works strictly according to the algorithm, so you have to explain the task clearly and clearly. A person can perform the task, even if it contains errors, but the machine is not yet able to do this.
  • The system does not allow for voice typing of the test. Many modern systems allow you to type by voice, which is very fast and convenient for the user.

Free alternatives to ChatGPT – 8 alternatives to OpenAI

alternatives to ChatGPT

There are already free alternatives to ChatGPT, which can be used on a paid and free of charge basis. Now many companies are trying to develop their own neural network to create content using artificial intelligence.

At the moment, more than 450 startups are working on this issue. Many are only in the development stage, but some analogs are available to users. Among the most advanced and effective analogs, the following deserve special attention:

  1. LaMDA;
  2. Blender Bot 2;
  3. Alexa Teacher Model;
  4. Godel;
  5. DialoGPT;
  6. Sparrow;
  7. Galactica.

LaMDA – The first alternative to ChatGPT

LaMDA - The first alternative to ChatGPT

The neural network was created by Google. During development it was possible to optimize a combination of neural language models based on Transformer. The developers have included in the model more than 137 billion characteristics. The new model increased the number of words, and now it contains 1.5 trillion words.
The main function is to work in dialog speech mode. The neural network has the ability not only to read, but to understand even long sentences. The model is able to recognize how words are connected to each other and predict which words will be added to the text.

Blender Bot 2 – second ChatGPT alternative

Blender Bot 2 - second ChatGPT alternative

This is an improved version of the chat bot. In the new version, the developers have added the ability to have more consistent and extended conversations. In addition, a single conversation can be stretched across multiple sessions. The conversational capabilities of the bot have increased because the data it receives from dialogs is stored in long-term memory. It should be separately noted that the bot is able to keep the memory for each user separately, and the data cannot be used to chat with other clients.

The data is read in real time so it is kept up-to-date.

Alexa Teacher Model – third alternative to ChatGPT

Alexa Teacher Model - third alternative to ChatGPT

The neural network allows for text generation, machine translation, and summarization tasks. Machine translation performance is high because it is augmented with an encoder and decoder. In total, the system contains more than twenty billion features. In addition, it can find solutions for logic problems and train other language models.

The neural network works in several languages. The developers have added a function to the models, which gives the opportunity to be trained in several stages.

Godel – 5th alternative to ChatGPT

Godel - 5th alternative to ChatGPT

DialoGPT became a prototype for creating Godel. The main difference is the two functions that are embedded in the model. The first focuses on the task itself, and the second allows real social elements to be incorporated into the discussion. Typically, bots can only perform one function. In chat, a user can find out the weather, sports events, or ask what restaurant to go to.

DialoGPT – 6th alternative of ChatGPT

DialoGPT - 6th alternative of ChatGPT

It is developed by Microsoft Corporation. Its main purpose is to generate dialogue responses that allow discussion with multiple options. Almost 150 million multiturn panels to generate the algorithm. All of the panels were selected from Reddit discussion topics.

Sparrow AI from Google is the seventh alternative to ChatGPT.

Sparrow is the seventh alternative to ChatGPT.

It’s capable of dialoguing and giving advice to users. The developers have improved the system so that its advice is more useful and accurate. The research model is proof of safe artificial intelligence, which is suitable for general purposes. Although the system does not always produce correct answers. The developers aim to make the neural network more flexible, so that the dialog mode adheres to established norms and rules, although expert help will be needed in this matter.

Galactica AI – 8th ChatGPT alternative

Galactica - 8th ChatGPT alternative

It’s a model focused on scientific use. The model is capable of performing a large number of scientific tasks. The neural network is able to conduct logical reasoning, give explanations of mathematical formulas using text, create annotations. Besides, users can create lecture notes. The system includes 120 billion parameters which allow making actions. Right now, Galactica only works with versions of Python 3.8 and 3.9.

Which of the alternatives is better than ChatGPT?

Neural networks are at the peak of popularity right now. People need tools for writing with artificial intelligence. In this environment, a large number of ChatGPT analogs are emerging. Each analogue works approximately identically, but there are differences in function. When choosing an analog, you should rely on the purpose of use. For example, if you want to use the system in the dialogue mode, it is better to pay attention to DialoGPT. If mathematical calculations and explanations are needed, Galactica is a better choice.

Answers to questions

What is ChatGPT?
It's a neural network that is designed to create content. The system is capable of writing lyrics, music, creating videos, translating and creating program codes.
Why users prefer alternatives?
Despite all the advantages and effectiveness of ChatGPT, many users are inclined to use analogues. Users cite reasons such as monetization, inconvenient interface, access issues due to high load and long response time.
What ChatGPT alternative to choose?
Choice of neural network directly depends on the features you need. Principle of most models is similar, but you should pay attention to the inherent features. In addition, sometimes the question of choice is about usability.
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